Getting Ready for Kindergarten
Getting Ready for Kindergarten
Kindergarten Readiness skills include:

  • Understanding emotions and looking to adults and peers for support and guidance
  • Persisting through a task
  • Understanding and following responsible rules and behaviors
  • Recognizing and writing his/her first name
  • Producing letters, symbols or shapes to convey meaning through writing
  • Enjoying books (handle and hold a book appropriately, show how a book is read front to back, and uses pictures to tell the story)
  • Retelling a story
  • Recognizing and naming some letters (both upper case and lower case)
  • Identifying letters and letter sounds
  • Identifying beginning and ending sounds
  • Recognizing and drawing a circle, triangle and a square
  • Identifying shapes in the real world
  • Sorting and classifying objects
  • Recognizing and naming the colors in the rainbow
  • Counting to 20
  • Counting objects one at a time
  • Using words and sentences to express needs, thoughts and feelings
  • Listening, following directions, taking turns and sharing.
  • Taking care of personal needs (eating, cleaning, dressing, and toileting) both at school and at home
  • Uses both small and large muscles in learning situations

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